The Golden Era // Omid’s Nissan 240SX


Take a trip back in time with me. Think, for a moment, back to your high school days. The best 4 years of your life for some and 4 years of utter torment for others. In such a short span of time people experience so many firsts in their high school years. First kiss. First love. First fight… First car. Do you remember your first car? All the plans you had that were never seen accomplished? So many plans and ideas swirling around your head. Saved images of thousands of outstanding builds floating around your desktop, and a dream to one day build something equally as nasty. Back then the pressures of life may have seemed intense and life ending, but thinking back those were the days. That time really was our “golden era”.  Continue reading


AutoGallery 2013 presented by Canibeat x Praxis


Ahh sunny Southern California; a land of sand, surf, and straight up dimes that plays home to celebrities, barbie dolls, and the ever popular beach bum. What describes our little slice of paradise better than a day at the beach with great people, good vibes, and amazing cars? Last year our friends at team Praxis had the genius idea to collaborate with the city of Huntington Beach to put on a ground breaking car show just mere inches from the warm sand of one of California’s most famous beaches. This year was their second endeavor at such a project, and once again it turned out a fantastic crowd and the hottest rides the West Coast has to offer.  Continue reading

The Backyard Brawlers


It’s been a while but we are finally back in action, and to me, it only made sense to pick up with the person who really helped us get started. If you would have asked me a couple years ago where I stood in terms of the Honda community I would have given you the same answer 90% of the culture would today. Fuck those immature brats. I held fast to that opinion as a result of prior encounters and part cultural hype and youthful ignorance. That was reality to me, at least until I met Joe and the gang over at Backyard Designz.  Continue reading