The Backyard Brawlers


It’s been a while but we are finally back in action, and to me, it only made sense to pick up with the person who really helped us get started. If you would have asked me a couple years ago where I stood in terms of the Honda community I would have given you the same answer 90% of the culture would today. Fuck those immature brats. I held fast to that opinion as a result of prior encounters and part cultural hype and youthful ignorance. That was reality to me, at least until I met Joe and the gang over at Backyard Designz. 


At a glance Joe and his friends are the usual gang of 20-something’s out looking to create mischief. However, take a closer look and you slowly begin to unravel the genius behind the loud screaming cars and late nights clad with empty beer bottles and miscellaneous tools scattered around the garage.


For those of you who’ve never met Joe or seen the cars that roll out of his small town garage, picture yourself a half Jesus half scary biker looking guy with a backwards cap and grease all over his hands. Despite the seemingly intimidating demeanor is one of the most down to Earth gentleman our community possibly has to offer in this twisted school house drama we call a lifestyle.


For Joe the Backyard Designz name isn’t just a name or a car club, it’s what puts food on the table at the end of the week. Joe offers some of the most gorgeous engine bay tucks, aggressive builds, and uniquest projects in the game.

IMG_2834Joe’s own cars are, of course, no exception to the crazy build ideas floating around the masterminds game. In fact, his hand painted, mind blowing EK hatchback has been the envy of the Internet for years now; accumulating numerous features in magazines and countless blogs; including us back in the day when we were starting the blog.

IMG_2836Ever since we’ve known Joe his M.O has always been the same… Build ground breaking whips; and keep the process grounded and fun. The more time I’ve spent with him the more evidence of his mission has become evident to me.

IMG_2840To revisit, if you were to ask me before I knew Joe how I felt about the Southern California Honda community, my answer would be both negative and highly vulgar. However if you approached me today I would tell you with confidence that while the community has earned a bad rep there are truly honest people with incredibly unique builds on the front lines fighting for equality, acceptance, and respect from an otherwise single minded and judgmental car community. Joe, being one of those people, gives me high hope for the future of this now decaying branch of our lifestyle. I now believe that a glimmer of hope is there. If you want to formulate your own opinion hit up our boy Joe or visit his website by clicking HERE to visit his online store.


  • Words by Aleksey Royt
  • Photos by Aleksey Royt

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