The Golden Era // Omid’s Nissan 240SX


Take a trip back in time with me. Think, for a moment, back to your high school days. The best 4 years of your life for some and 4 years of utter torment for others. In such a short span of time people experience so many firsts in their high school years. First kiss. First love. First fight… First car. Do you remember your first car? All the plans you had that were never seen accomplished? So many plans and ideas swirling around your head. Saved images of thousands of outstanding builds floating around your desktop, and a dream to one day build something equally as nasty. Back then the pressures of life may have seemed intense and life ending, but thinking back those were the days. That time really was our “golden era”. 

_MG_1911This flash back brings us to our first feature since our revamp. Meet Omid Nessari and his Kouki. I first discovered Omid’s car back in 2010 when he was rolling with team Low N Slow. What really made the car stand out wasn’t the insanely aggressive fitment, or the flawless condition of the body, it was the fact that the owner, this kid, was just 16 years old. Here I was, practically old enough to drink and this kid was making me look like a failure at life. Parked there with my Jetta on budget coils and eBay replica parts (shut up you’ve all been there at some point) this dude single handedly succeeded in not only standing out in the 240 game, a nearly impossible feet… But doing so on a limited budget before he was old enough to buy the rest of his friends cigarettes at the corner store.


As someone who spends entirely too much time on the internet looking at various cars and builds, I can safely say that Omid’s build has single-handedly redefined the notion of what a proper 240SX build should look like. No drift scars, broken suspension components, or ruined body panels here! Just a set of gorgeous Avant-Garde F140s tucked nicely into some aggressively flared fenders. If you spend too much time on Instagram (like me) then you’ve heard of the hashtag #etperfect. This Kouki one-hundred percent embodies that concept. The wide fenders rest perfectly on the deep polished lips of the Avant Gardes. Continuing from the lips to the faces of the wheels; you will find the color transitions from a vibrant mirror finish to a stunning reflective gold.


The body modifications on Omid’s Kouki are simple and understated, to enhance the already aggressive lines the car has. A full K’s Aero kit with fogs replaces the worn factory bumpers. JDM glass headlights and an authentic JDM Kouki grille add some subtle touches to the front, while a Greddy front lip brings the nose down to a perfect pavement-scraping height. Navan side skirts and the K’s rear bumper continue that trend around the sides and back of the car. A Origin rear wing, JDM Kouki taillights, and a D-Max roof wing finish off the rear end. These simple modifications make a huge difference in the appearance of the car, without screaming “look at me I’m more important than you are!” as most modern builds tend to do. 


The interior and suspension received similar overhauls. The seats are the usual suspects: S14 Confetti bucket seats. The worn factory steering wheel has been replaced with a new Sparco wheel to make the driving experience slightly more pleasurable. The audio system was also touched up, powered by new Polk components and a Pioneer head unit allowing Omid to drown out the sound of his freshly-painted bodywork being destroyed by the infamous San Fernando Valley roads. Remember that suspension setup we mentioned? Well moving from inside the car to the guts of it, only the highest end components were chosen for this build. Battle Version RUCAs, Traction Rods, Toe Arms, and Caster Arms keep the alignment in check and the car sitting pretty. As any quality build the driveline was also touched up. The motor remains mostly stock…for now. A Megan 4-1 header and custom 2.5″ cat-back make a little noise, and an Exedy Stage 2 clutch paired to a R33 Skyline LSD let this unique 240SX do what 240s do best… Slide around all over the place in an obnoxious fashion.


Omid has set out to achieve what most would assume is impossible. To build a ground breaking display with an attitude all its own, raising a beast out of a wildly popular platform loved and ruined the world over. However, at the tender age of 19 he has done just that. Created a car as one-off and memorable as you can imagine. Staring into the soul of this car makes you witness the 240SX in an entirely new light. Gone are pre-requists of droning obnoxious exhausts, destroyed fenders, and home-made front lips. Omid brings us into the dawn of a new age. One where the 240SX can serve a new purpose. A street sweeping coupe with all the elegance and class of a  typical VIP build. Therefore it is my final thought that this Kouki exists with the sole purpose to usher in it’s own “golden era” love it or hate it. There is no denying the ground breaking impressiveness that is this build.


  • Words by Aleksey Royt & Jake Owens
  • Photos by Aleksey Royt

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